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I am ... very happy with your plans, the organization that you have put into it and I am extremely happy with the response I have gotten from you when I have encountered a problem.
It sure does save money. At the same time it allows me and others like me to experience making the cage for our animal (animals) that we care so much about. I think that when someone takes the time to sit down and make something like this for their animal it really shows how much they care for them and respect them.

With your plans you can also alter the cage to each and everyone's specifications, or needs. I think what you are doing is wonderful and I want to thank you again.

Robert Hansford


"This is going to make an 11 year old and his lizard Rex very happy".


Spent $108.00 at Lowes, another $65.00 at Home Depot buying things that Lowes didn't have..... Spending time with my son in a hardware store.... PRICELESS!"


"Overall, the best thing I have found from the cage designs... is that:
They work!!!!

They allow you to view and touch your Iguana from all sides, This is a must!

Once you have the material list you don't go back to the hardware store.

Just follow the instructions and it comes out perfect.

Your maintenance will be much easier.

Your iguana will thank you

Once again, you will have built something cool. "

Regards and best to all our Green Iguana friends, Lance and Joey Portwood Glidden, Texas ".


"Very well thought-out designs"



Snake for children's classroom


What type of snake would you recommend for a preschool classroom in Colorado, USA? Thanks


I think a smaller snake would be the ideal, such as a corn snake or a children's python. Both of these snake are docile and do not bite - but be aware that you will have to handle them when they are young to get them used to being held.

It is a good idea to use gloves when handling them young so that if they do nip, no-one feels anything. Once they are a bit older and used to being handled they should not bite (although there are no guarantees with snakes).

Another issue is that they will live to 10+ years for a corn snake (documented up to 20) and 15-20 years for a children's python (I have two of these and they are really good, although it took little a while for them to stop nipping - one thing that helped, aside from handling, was feeding them in different container so they did not expect food when I opened their cage).

Both of these will feed on mice (or rats when bigger) and should only be fed killed prey. Will this make some of the children squeamish? I started mine on live baby mice before introducing dead food and I know my daughter thought it was 'gross'.

Have you given thought to a blue tongued lizard? These are omnivorous and will eat a wide range of foods - mince, pet food, fruit, meal worms, worms, snails, chicken etc. They also are a very hardy lizard and tolerate handling very well. The can grow to 18"-24" and become very docile if handled frequently. They are the largest of the skink family and make a great pet. Again, they will live for 15+ years in captivity. Their requirements regarding the cage is simple but unlike a snake they will need UV light in their cage or a bit of sunshine every day.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.





Mark Chapple is the Author of "How to build enclosures for reptiles"
Find out how to build these cages as well as arboreal cages.Full color pictures, detailed diagrams and easy to follow, step-by-step instructions.


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