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" all I can say is "WOW and Thank You" . they will make my cage making a much easier and a more fun task. Once again thank you for your web site and you prompt support"
Burt Tejada

i have recently built my own viv thanks to your ideas... keep up the good work its beneficial to people like me!!!!!!!!!!

Just put my Texas Indigo snake into a new
72" by 24" enclosure I built with your design book-we're both loving it!

Thanks again for offering these books...this is exactly what I was looking for.

I am ... very happy with your plans, the organization that you have put into it and I am extremely happy with the response I have gotten from you when I have encountered a problem.
It sure does save money. At the same time it allows me and others like me to experience making the cage for our animal (animals) that we care so much about. I think that when someone takes the time to sit down and make something like this for their animal it really shows how much they care for them and respect them.

With your plans you can also alter the cage to each and everyone's specifications, or needs. I think what you are doing is wonderful and I want to thank you again.

Robert Hansford


"This is going to make an 11 year old and his lizard Rex very happy".


Spent $108.00 at Lowes, another $65.00 at Home Depot buying things that Lowes didn't have..... Spending time with my son in a hardware store.... PRICELESS!"


"Overall, the best thing I have found from the cage designs... is that:
They work!!!!

They allow you to view and touch your Iguana from all sides, This is a must!

Once you have the material list you don't go back to the hardware store.

Just follow the instructions and it comes out perfect.

Your maintance will be much easier.

Your iguana will thank you

Once again, you will have built something cool. "

Regards and best to all our Green Iguana friends, Lance and Joey Portwood Glidden, Texas ".


"Very well thought-out designs"



Who are Reptile-Cage-Plans.com?

Reptile-Cage-Plans.com was formed to help snake and reptile keepers of all ages build and make their own cages.

As someone who always had an interest in keeping reptiles but did not start keeping them until later in life, I was often put off by the cost of enclosures, lack of knowledge and a sense of "where do I start?". I didn't know how to build a snake cage.

It wasn't until a friend of mine showed me how to set up a snake cage that would be suitable to house reptiles that I finally took up my interest in reptile (mostly snake and lizard) keeping. His cages were not too attractive and quite spartan. Nonetheless he had successfully bred and reared many reptiles over the years.

I wanted to be able to make my own custom cages and also be able to improve on the snake enclosures he had, as well as build a comfortable and secure environment for the reptiles in my care.

I decided to write the book “How to Build Enclosures for Reptiles” after looking around the web and not finding much snake keeping cage info in the one place.

Sure, there were some plans here and there but there were no real step by step plans to build your own reptile cage. Some were missing the details, some were quite good but we decided that snake enclosure plans and reptile cage plans were basically in short supply.

I built my first cage after much procrastination and quite a few mistakes. I improved on this for my next and subsequent cages and decided that I could help others build their own reptile enclosures.

I am still continuing to develop the book and will update it with ideas as I find them or discover them. These updates will be freely available to purchaser's of the book and you will notified of them as they occur.

“How to Build Enclosures for Reptiles” is the result of many hours of work and preparation and I hope you enjoy using it as much as I did writing it and collating the information.

Please feel free too contact me if you have any inquiries about “How to Build Enclosures for Reptiles”.

Yours sincerely

Mark Chapple