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" all I can say is "WOW and Thank You" . they will make my cage making a much easier and a more fun task. Once again thank you for your web site and you prompt support"
Burt Tejada

I am ... very happy with your plans, the organization that you have put into it and I am extremely happy with the response I have gotten from you when I have encountered a problem.
It sure does save money. At the same time it allows me and others like me to experience making the cage for our animal (animals) that we care so much about. I think that when someone takes the time to sit down and make something like this for their animal it really shows how much they care for them and respect them.

With your plans you can also alter the cage to each and everyone's specifications, or needs. I think what you are doing is wonderful and I want to thank you again.

Robert Hansford


"This is going to make an 11 year old and his lizard Rex very happy".


Spent $108.00 at Lowes, another $65.00 at Home Depot buying things that Lowes didn't have..... Spending time with my son in a hardware store.... PRICELESS!"


"Overall, the best thing I have found from the cage designs... is that:
They work!!!!

They allow you to view and touch your Iguana from all sides, This is a must!

Once you have the material list you don't go back to the hardware store.

Just follow the instructions and it comes out perfect.

Your maintenance will be much easier.

Your iguana will thank you

Once again, you will have built something cool. "

Regards and best to all our Green Iguana friends, Lance and Joey Portwood Glidden, Texas ".


"Very well thought-out designs"



Flying Snake Care Sheet

by MIchelle Nash

Ideally these snakes need a good size cage that offers vertical climbing branches. Additions like artificial plant foliage add to the cage. Example ccage dimensions would be 1.5 ft deep, 2.5 ft wide, and 4 ft tall.

ornate flying snake
Used with permission creativecommons.org

A basking light, like mercury vapor,is important as these snkaes like to bask up high. A heat pad is also useful for when they are down low.

The heat pad can be left on 24/7 but the basking light should be on a timer for about 13-14 hours a day.

A water dish of, deep enough to immerse themselves in but also not too large (about 4.5 inches diameter & 2 inches deep) is important as it aids humidity and they like to immerse themselves in it.

A hide log or similar is also useful but it needs to be small enough to allow them to feel secure.

Newspaper or most substrates are suitable. Newspaper has advantages as they like to hide in it, it is easily removed fro cleaning and you can also put water on it to assist with increasing humidity.

The temp. at the closest spot under the basking lamp should be about 96° F, and similar near the heat pad.

Cooler areas should range around 72° F to give a good ragne of temperatures in the cage so they can reguklate their body temperature.

Offset ventilation screens help to create air movement (one vent on a wall up higher, the other vent on the opposite wall set lower so
that hot air rises and escapes thru the upper vent which creates
a vacuum to draw in cooler air down low).

Add humidity a couple of times a week by either misting heavily
or placing a cup of water across the newspapers where they can absorb it and it evaporates more slowly than when you mist the cage.

Make sure the newspapers on the floor are clean. If they are soiled
the water dumping can promote excess bacterial growth in the cage.

Clean the cage regularly. If you use newspaper, pull out all
layers of newspaper that have any soiling stains.

Once a mont do a full clean that includes sanitizing the flooring before adding new substrate or newspaper.

These snakes will eat live gut-loaded anole lizards or house geckos,
(they have amazing eye sight and uses it to do their hunting as
much, if not more, than their sense of smell).

They will also eat her frozen/thawed weanling, not quite full size, mice.

Offer the mice about every 7 days and they should holding their weight with these.



Mark Chapple is the Author of "How to build enclosures for reptiles"
Find out how to build these cages as well as arboreal cages. Full color pictures, detailed diagrams and easy to follow, step-by-step instructions.