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  Issue 4 Vol 8 May 2012
Large Reptile Cages for your Pets In this Issue

Many pet owners have more exotic tastes and therefore prefer taking care of reptiles as pets. While taking care of exotic animals is both challenging and rewarding, it also demands attention. If you think that your pet can grow to a certain size, large reptile cages are very important. Keeping your pets in large, sturdy cages also makes your home safer for your children and houseguests.

Making a wise choice

gecko with a poor shedHaving exotic animals in your home as pets is fine, as long as you understand the unique needs of your pets. Reptiles have different feeding requirements and their temperament may be different than most domesticated pets. Taking effective care of your reptile pets also involve choosing the right enclosures for them. Whether you have a snake or an iguana, choosing the right cage should be made a priority early on.

Choosing large reptile cages

The size of the cage matters a lot, especially if you expect your reptile to grow even bigger in the months or years to come. Certain types of snakes can grow anywhere from 5 feet to 7 feet long, and even longer. Young iguanas typically start small, but once they grow to a bigger size you might want to consider getting a bigger pen for them.

You can find various types of cages in pet stores as well as online, from small-sized cages to bigger-sized pens for adult pets. Make sure that you have the right size for the kind of pet that you have. The last thing you would want is buying a cage that is too small for your pet. You need to remember that your pet can grow to an even bigger size after a few months.

Assembling your own large reptile cages

Some pet owners have difficulty in finding the right cages due to size problems or issues on quality. Fortunately you can find a range of cage making plans online, wherein you will only need to follow the right instructions and procure the right materials for your cage. This means that you can build your cage using the right materials, and you can monitor on its quality and durability as well.

If you are not handy with tools or if you are still a novice in handling reptile pets, you might want to think twice about assembling cages on your own. Also, you can seek advice from professional cage makers or get some helpful tips from pet store owners.

Large reptile cages and accessories

As much as securing reptile cages is important, you also need to make sure that you have the right accessories. Your reptile cage will also need carpeting, roofing, and heating from the right types of lamps. When shopping for cages, make sure that you also have the needed accessories covered.

Having a reptile for a pet is an enjoyable and rewarding experience but to make your home safer for everyone, you can choose from any of the large reptile cages available. A good-sized cage is an excellent investment for any reptile pet owner.

The author likes extreme animals and pets. He has some reptiles which he keep in reptile cages in his home. He uses special reptile lighting to keep his snakes nice and warm. To find out more about reptile pet products, please go to


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